Check Out This Cool Bakery Mural Menu


[Photographs: Steven Weinberg]

There's a new Colson Patisserie that opened in Brooklyn and instead of just printing a traditional menu on the wall, they hired artist Steven Weinberg to paint images of all the French pastries available. Almond croissants, palmiers, scones, and many more are floating on the wall, so you can stare at them while figuring out your order in line.



The new Colson location is part of the development happening in "Industry City," the hulking expanse of shipping warehouses in south Brooklyn that was built around the turn of the century. Other local food businesses, like Blue Marble ice cream, have also opened in this complex in an effort to bring the spirit of artisanal Brooklyn to this industrial zone on Sunset Park's waterfront.


"My thought for the piece was: these guys have a TON of pastries. Why have a menu written, when I can draw it on their giant empty wall?" Good question, Steven. We think more bakeries with giant walls should turn them into fun mural menus like this one. Steven confirmed that he did get to "study" pastry-making with Colson, by which he means taste everything on the menu before painting it.

Colson Patisserie

220 36th Street, Brooklyn NY 11232 (map)