First Look: Lauretta Jean's, Portland, OR

[Photographs: Aaron Wakamatsu]

In March 2011, Kate McMillen started Lauretta Jean's as a pie stand at the Portland Farmer's Market. McMillen, an Idaho native, named her business after her maternal grandmother, a phenomenal pie baker who taught McMillen how to make the same pies which she now makes for her customers.

When McMillen served pies and quiches at the Portland Farmer's Market in 2011, her signature all-butter pie crust brought numerous repeat customers. Positive word of mouth spread, and demand vastly increased. In September 2011, McMillen opened the first Lauretta Jean's storefront in downtown Portland, where Café Velo once stood. Business continued to boom, and she practically outgrew the downtown spot by early 2012. McMillen opened her second shop on SE Division in October 2012, formerly the home of Pix Patisserie.

Lauretta Jean's is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m, serving a roster of pies, quiches, and seasonal confections. We stopped by the new location—click through the slideshow to see what's baking.

Lauretta Jean's:

3402 SE Division St., Portland, OR 97202; (503) 235-3119; map;

About the Author: Aaron Wakamatsu is a food blogger who loves to eat very spicy food. He also loves delicious, normal meals, but still prefers to entertain friends by consuming random fiery combinations. Please follow him on Twitter @aaronwakamatsu.