11 Cakes To Make For Christmas

[Photograph: María del Mar Sacasa]

No way around it, the holidays are more than a little bit about decadence. And while beautiful holiday cookies are great, what makes a better centerpiece for your festive meal than a gorgeously iced cake?

Whether you're looking for something traditional, like a Bûche de Nöel, or something festively novel, like a Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow Cake Roll, we've got the thing for you.

Go Straight To The Recipes

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Bûche de Nöel
Fruitcake That Won't Make You Gag
Bûche de Noël
Chocolate-Hazelnut Layer Cake
Orange Cake with Mulled Wine Cranberry Jam
Ginger Cake with Spiked Custard
Pío V (Nicaraguan Christmas Cake)
Flourless Chocolate Cake with Spiced Pears
Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow Cake Roll
Orange Olive Oil Cake With Candied Walnuts
Little Debbie-Style Christmas Tree Cakes