Sugar Rush (Thanksgiving Edition): Pumpkin Pie from Kuba Kreations, San Diego


Kuba Kreations pumpkin pie, courtesy photo

If you're a homemade pie lover, but don't want to invest any effort past slopping some whipped cream on an extra-large slice, you may be in the market for a pre-made pie. And I know just where to get a great one in San Diego: Kuba Kreations.

Erin Kuba, the owner, says she's not really a pumpkin pie fan, so it took several tries to really nail the perfect pie. The winning recipe reflects that stance. The pie is like a smooth, lightly spicy custard with undertones of caramel and pumpkin—and a great option for anyone who prefers their pumpkin flavor muted to a soft murmur. The filling is exceptionally smooth, light, and fluffy, and tastes more like a pumpkin pie with gingerbread mousse folded into the mix than a traditional pumpkin pie.

Erin, who typically sells her baked from scratch pies at the Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market on Sundays, also has an online option for Thanksgiving. You can order online for pick-up at the Del Rayo Village shopping center (map).

Pies are 8" and $15 each.