Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Kathleen King's East End of Long Island

Kathleen King's signature super thin, buttery chocolate chip cookies may have found their way far past the walls of Tate's Bake Shop in South Hampton, NY, but King, who was born and raised in Long Island, still calls the East End her home. Especially as restaurants and bakeries are recovering from damage suffered during Hurricane Sandy, it's important to remember that this beach destination is also home to people who live and work there year-round. So whether it's a bike ride and a stop at Breadzilla or an autumnal apple pecan cake with caramel sauce in Southhampton, see where Kathleen gets her sweet fix, no matter what the season.

Kathleen's Picks

Austrian Linzer Cookies from Silver's Restaurant: Silver's is my favorite lunch spot in Southampton; until recently, they would serve a plate of these buttery, crisp almond shortbread cookies filled with raspberry jam for free. Sadly, now you have to order them off the menu. The cookies always leave you wanting more.

Two of my favorites are across the street from Silver's at Sant Ambroeus. If you want to be transported to Europe, stop in and have a coffee at their stand up coffee bar and a crispy, buttery, perfectly sized ventagli cookie, otherwise know as a fan cookie or palmier. On your way out, grab a cup of their famous gelato. Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite.

When dining at the Plaza Cafe in Southampton, I always order their Apple Pecan Cake with Caramel Sauce, topped with a perfectly round apple crisp on top. There isn't a time that my husband doesn't say, why can't you make this!


Thumbprint Cookies at Breadzilla [Photograph: Kathy YL Chan]

In December, I start off road cycling in East Hampton and my friend David and I never fail to stop at Breadzilla for their Cheese Bread. I know this isn't a sweet, but delicious homemade bread falls in that indulgence for me. When I get it home, I like to slice it thick and toast it. It tastes like the most divine grilled cheese.

If you head over to the North Fork, stop at Aldo's in Greenport. He has the best coffee and Hazelnut Biscotti dipped in dark chocolate. His company had a separation a few years ago, so be sure to look for Biscotti by Aldo. His photo is on the label and he is quite a character to chat with over espresso.

The North Fork Table and Inn in Southold has the best desserts hands down. Claudia Fleming is the famous pastry chef and part owner. Truthfully, there isn't a dessert there that isn't perfection. Once, while dining with friends, my host said, "Bring one of each from the menu." Nothings make me happier than to taste everything! If I have to decide, I can't help but keep going back for the tapioca pudding with passion fruit sorbet.

20110203 - 135989 - Tates - Chipless Cookies.jpg

Tate's Cookies [Photograph: Kathy YL Chan]

Tate's Bake Shop, of course, is where my heart lies. Chocolate Chip Cookies are always my go to and a warm apricot ginger scone is hard to resist.