Bake the Book: Crispy Waffles with Salted Caramel Coulis


[Photograph: Ellen SIlverman]

Waffles are a brunch staple, but this recipe, from The Epicurious Cookbook can pass for dessert any day, especially paired with a rich, salty-sweet caramel coulis. Make it even more decadent with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Waffle ice-cream sandwiches wouldn't be a bad idea.

Tips: Add a couple drops of vanilla extract to the batter, and/or some blueberries. If you chop and toast pecans while waiting for the sauce to come together, stir them into the finished product to create something truly extraordinary.

Tweaks: If you've never used your waffle iron before, do a test run with some batter to see how much oil you'll need to make sure your waffles don't stick. And if you're familiar with your iron, liberally grease with peanut oil. Coconut oil is a good alternative, and adds a pleasant flavor.

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