A Look Back At Cakespy: Our Favorite Recipes And A Fond Farewell


Quirky, cute, sometimes controversial, always delicious recipes from Jessie Oleson.

[Photographs and original illustrations: Cakespy]

On August 24, 2009, we published the first recipe from Jessie Oleson, aka Cakespy. It was a recipe for Spiced Jumbles With Vanilla Frosting. What are jumbles? They're a plain cookie from the Pilgrim days, and Jessie, of course, jazzed them up, adding pecans, spices, and a nice fat layer of vanilla frosting. It's a trend we'd see a lot over the next three years.

The self professed "cake anthropologist" became known for her inventive, sometimes wacky, sweets. Who else could bring you Doughnut Soup, Twinkie Tiramisu and Birthday Cake French Toast?

Every week, just when we thought she had reached the height of dessertdom, she would come back with something new, something bigger, something stuffed with itself.


Cupcake Stuffed Cupcakes

She made us ask important questions, like why have a brownie when we could have a Brownie Upside Down Brownie? Why throw away our Easter candy when we could turn it into tacos? Why had we never made Cadbury Creme Egg Foo Young?

Unicorn and his band of illustrated brethren brightened our Mondays, and we loved her trompe l'oeil sweets, like bagels that are actually doughnuts, and a Christmas goose made out of cake.


Christmas Goose Trompe L'oeil Cake

The time has come for Cakespy to leave Serious Eats to spread her sweetness to others. We want to say a fond farewell and a big thank you. Click through the slideshow to see our favorite Cakespy recipes from over the years.