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[Photographs and original illustrations: Cakespy]

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A letter in the mail is a wonderful treat. But a letter is even better when it's delivered by way of a sandwich cookie snack. These "Tele-graham crackers" are sweet little treats in the mail which give a shout-out to a lost art of communication and are a gesture that is both delightful and delicious.

For a fancier version, you could make your own graham crackers (such as these), but if you want to keep it basic, use the store-bought variety. I suggest a vanilla buttercream filling, but you could really use any filling of your choice (frosting, Nutella, or peanut butter, for instance). As for writing your messages, be sure to use a writing icing versus a "gel" icing, because those types will not harden enough to mail, and you don't want your message to smear in transit!

Need a suggestion for the messages? Aside from the expected "Miss you" or "Wish you were here," these tele-grahams provide a great opportunity to make your more complex thoughts known in a sugar-coated way. "None of us likes your boyfriend, please break up with him," "Why don't you move out of your parents' basement?" and "Nice nose job" would all be appropriate. Or...not.

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