Bake the Book: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes


[Photograph: Ben Fink]

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In this recipe from Baking Out Loud: Fun Desserts with Big Flavors, rich whole milk ricotta and lemon zest are lightened by meringue to produce a pancake that is tangy, fluffy, not-too-sweet, and satisfying. But even with the special meringue twist, these pancakes are simple enough to make every day.

Tips: If you're getting up early to make these, zest the lemon the night before. Submerge the eggs in warm water to quickly get them to room temperature, and heat your griddle while assembling your other ingredients.

Tweaks: No flavor tweaks necessary—this recipe is solid. But go beyond a simple topping of fresh fruit and make a fruit sauce. Simmer frozen strawberries, a pinch of lemon zest, sugar, and a spoonful of St. Germain until thick for an elegant flavor complement. Plain elderflower syrup with a bit of lemon would work well too.

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