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[Photograph: Carrie Vasios]

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I can't keep marshmallows in the house. I'll sit down with a bag of minis and eat them like they're popcorn. I'll take a normal sized mallow, push a shard of chocolate into the middle, then eat some nice little marshmallow wrapped chocolate bites as a snack. My boyfriend may or may not have come home to see me standing at the oven, gas on, having a marshmallow roast before dinner.

One good way of excusing a marshmallow purchase is to incorporate them into a snack that I can share with friends. So I bought a bag of mini marshmallows, some Hershey's bars, and a box of graham crackers, and set to work making a s'mores cookie.

Well. It should have been obvious that the mini marshmallows would melt and spread, forming sad, gooey craters in my cookies. Yet somehow it wasn't, and the disappointment was crushing. Until I finished off the rest of the bag of the now unusable mallows.

Salvation came in the unexpected form of a marshmallow product which had hitherto escaped my notice: Mallow Bits. My guess is that Jet Puffed realized that there were legions of people out there opening their "hot cocoa with marshmallows" packets and crying over the stinginess of the cocoa to mallow ratio. You can now buy those very same little marshmallows and up your cocoa quota. (Note: If you're going to buy another marshmallow product to enhance your cocoa, I can't imagine you wouldn't buy regular or mini marshmallows, which are infinitely better than the tiny crunchy bits. Are there people out there who insist on uniform cocoa texture?)

The Bits are not nearly as squishy as real marshmallows, but that means they don't fall apart in the oven, either. I found that they were more than useable enough to create a s'mores feel in my cookies, which also have graham cracker crumbs in the dough and chunks of Hershey's chocolate studded throughout. A note on graham crackers: My first cookies were made with some organic cookies that shall remain nameless. They imparted not nearly enough graham cracker flavor, and I'd recommend my final choice, Honey Maid, as the best for recreating that campfire s'mores feel.

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