Cookie Monster: 5 Great Cookies For Making Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cookie Monster

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[Photographs: Carrie Vasios]

Having recently tried quite a few store-bought ice cream sandwiches, I've been thinking about what defines a really great ice cream sandwich cookie. The texture is key: the ideal cookies are chewy and bendy, though slightly crisp is better than crumbly or cakey. Chocolate chips won't ruin the experience, but generally I find that cookies with a single, strong, uniform flavor are best because you won't get too many competing flavors (especially if you're using ice cream with add-ins).

Here then are my top 5 ice cream sandwich cookies. I've given you ideas for pairings based on creations I've made myself, but I'll admit I prefer more straightforward flavor combinations (read: vanilla). Definitely experiment—these cookies are on this list because they fit the criteria for good cookie bookends, and I bet there are great flavor combinations I haven't even imagined. (Tell me about them in the comments below!)

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Maple Cookies (with Pumpkin Ice Cream)
Coffee Thins (with Coffee Ice Cream)
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (with Vanilla Ice Cream)
Brown Sugar Cookies (with Butter Pecan Ice Cream)
Spiced Biscoff Sandwich Cookies (with Salted Caramel Ice Cream)