Scooped: Blueberry Ginger Sorbet


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[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

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Most of the classic American blueberry desserts—pie, coffee cake, muffins, and the like—are all about the dark, baked side of blueberries. You know, with butter and cinnamon and vanilla and caramelization from hot roasting in the oven. But it's ice cream season now, and a grossly hot one at that (seriously, I just got back from a week in Southeast Asia, and that was a cakewalk by comparison). So right now I don't have much interest in cooking anything, let alone blueberries that taste so good raw.

Enter blueberry sorbet, a silky smooth scoop that's all about fresh berries at their peak, with the sweet crunch of blueberry seeds. As for the ginger, okay, I may be missing Southeast Asian food a bit. But it adds a clean, slightly spicy bite for depth, and it jives with the lemon juice to restore the berries' brightness beneath all the cold and extra sugar.

A note of warning: blueberry seeds are finicky, and even careful pouring through a high quality strainer can leave a few errant crunchy bits in your purée. But consider them a textural blessing; little pieces of skin and seeds are the chocolate chips of the berry world. You'll be happy to have them there.

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