Pie of the Week: Butterscotch Pudding Pie


[Photograph: Lauren Weisenthal]

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I was 30 years old before it occurred to me that butterscotch pudding is something that can be made from scratch. It saddens me to think back on all the years I wasted on pudding from a box. I could have been enjoying cool, creamy butterscotch goodness in its purest form; flavored with caramelized brown sugar and butter. I won't let anybody else make the same mistake.

This past winter, I delighted in The North End Grill's take on butterscotch pudding (pastry chef Alexandra Ray does a butterscotch pot de crème that is to die for), and I knew that one day, I would make a butterscotch pudding pie that embodied such pure butterscotch flavors. That day has arrived, and this pie does not disappoint. Cool and super creamy with the slightest hit of booze, this may be my favorite pudding-based pie yet (shhh, don't tell that to my other favorite pies).

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