Wake and Bake: Cherry Breakfast Crumble

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Breakfast snacks for those who get peckish first thing in the morning.


[Photograph: Carrie Vasios]

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On a warm spring morning, there is nothing better than opening the windows, putting on some music, rolling up my sleeves, and working my way through a pile of cherries. It takes a while to pit enough for a pie or crumble, but since I let myself eat every fifth cherry or so (for quality control), it's a happy task.

I toss the cherries with a little sugar—just enough to highlight their deep, red fruit flavor—then I cover them with an extra oat-y crumble topping. I leave the topping unsweetened so that I feel no guilt when I eat a rather big bowl for breakfast. I tell myself the crumble is reminiscent of oatmeal with fruit, but the truth is it's ten times better.

During the glorious few days before the crumble has been demolished, I'll alternate between eating it plain and piling it over a bowl of yogurt. I like how the sweet juice puddles at the bottom of the bowl, waiting to be stirred into the creamy dairy. Make sure to reheat the crumble so that you can experience the contrast of warm and cool components. And if you eat some again for dessert, I won't be surprised.

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