Share Your Sweets: Pudding

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With artificially flavored, diet-friendly pudding packs dominating the supermarket shelves these days, some people don't know just how luxurious this dessert can be. Of course when we say "some people", we obviously don't mean you, as these 12 recipes show. From pumpkin to Nutella, click through the slideshow to see your takes on this classic dessert.

Next week we're taking a small hiatus from Share Your Sweets. But we'll be back on June 28th, which will give you enough time to tell us, do you have an awesome recipe for a birthday cake? Do you make a triple chocolate delight or a layered carrot cake? Tell us why your cake recipe is perfect for birthdays (and other celebrations!), shoot us a photo (along with a link to the recipe!) and we'll include it in the next roundup.

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