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[Photographs and original illustrations: Cakespy]

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When it comes to cream pies, you probably think along the lines of banana, coconut, or chocolate. But why limit yourself? Why not let your imagination fly high and fill your pie with delicious cupcakes?

I recently gave this pie in the sky idea a try by lining the bottom of a baked pie crust with alternating slices of cut-up vanilla and chocolate frosted cupcakes, over which I poured a rich, homemade custard filling. So what happens? As the custard sets, it absorbs some of the rich butteriness of the frosting, infusing the entire pie. As a result, the taste is kind of like cream pie meets birthday cake, in a decidedly delicious way. While some might argue that it's gilding the lily, it might interest you to know that this pie also tastes fantastic when paired with ice cream.

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