Bake the Book: Rosemary's Baby Cookies


[Photograph: Lisa Warninger]

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Cleverly named edibles tend to tread the line between funny and well, trite. Thankfully Kir Jensen, author of The Sugar Cube, gets it right, naming her creations after hip hop acts and Polanski films.

Jensen's Rosemary's Baby Cookies are buttery shortbread flecked with finely chopped—you guessed it—rosemary and tangerine zest. The rosemary lends a lovely herbaceousness and the zest comes through sharp and aromatic. Jensen has built in a great crunch through the use of cornmeal and a roll in superfine sugar just before baking. Frankly, there's not much overlap between these cookies and their namesake film as they're sure to give you the opposite of nightmares.

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