Bake the Book: Rhubarb & Jasmine Pops


[Photograph: Jennifer May]

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To be totally honest, there isn't a single popsicle recipe in People's Pops that wouldn't bring joy to our hearts on a warm summer day. But there's a particular elegance to these Rhubarb & Jasmine Pops. Matching up tart rhubarb with delicate, floral jasmine tea makes for a transcendent popsicle experience.

To truly enjoy the aromatic notes of the jasmine in these pops, the tea is simmered in simple syrup. Judging the potency of your tea is important here, since this is a recipe where you really want the jasmine to shine through. Oh, and if the lovely flavor of these pops wasn't enough, their gorgeous, translucent pink hue is just plain beautiful.

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