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[Photograph: Max Falkowitz]

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Here's the thing about s'mores: yes, they're great, and yes, I love them. But how often do I have access to an open fire to do them right? Friends, I'm allergic to camping and the outdoors in general. You're pretty unlikely to find me squatting on a log roasting a marshmallow on a stick. Lacking a fireplace, I've tried the urban s'mores thing before, but roasting a marshmallow over a stove is about as romantic as taking a dates to the filthy noodle joints I love so much (note to self: stop doing that).

So when Maggie suggested I make a s'mores ice cream flavor, I recognized a chance not just for a new ice cream, but for a fuss-free way to enjoy the perfection of a s'more in the comfort of my own home. Instead of jamming all the s'more elements into a single ice cream, I kept them separated as elements of a sundae. A s'more should have a hot component and a crunchy component: challenging in ice cream, but no problem with this approach.

The base is a toasted marshmallow ice cream, no open fire required. Instead, broil the marshmallows in a baking dish until they brown, stir them up, and broil them again a few times until you have an evenly caramelized goo. Then you're all set for making an ice cream that tastes eerily of toasted marshmallows.

You can imagine where the rest of this is going: hot fudge sauce and all the slabs of graham crackers that you want. You can use storebought fudge sauce if you like, but making your own takes about five minutes. The texture of this sauce is just as lovably fudgy as what you'd get in a scoop shop, but this way you get to choose the chocolate that goes into your sundae. A fair deal in my book.

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