In Which We Make A Centuple-Stuf Oreo


As a kid, I preferred Double Stufs to single stufs. I preferred "Quadruple Stufs" to Double Stufs—twisting two doubles in half, discarding the bare cookies, and smushing the creme-bound ones together. But I really wanted more than that, and, well... hasn't everyone wanted to make a Centuple Stuf Oreo? We decided to see if it was possible.

I mean, we had a lot of leftover Oreos after tasting just about every damn kind. But not just any kind would work. We wanted all standard creme color and flavor; we needed all Double Stufs (stacking 50 thicker patties is easier than 100 skinny ones); we needed identical shapes. So we only had a few packs to work from. Very little room for error!

Double Stuf creme loosens from both cookies pretty easily—a huge plus. If you were just doing a few you probably wouldn't even need tools. But we're going professional here; no sticky fingers. A short blade keeps things clean and precise.

Four or five Double Stufs deep... this is about the point when my mother would've started to yell at me.


At about 20 Double Stufs—so, 40 Stuf high—things are still pretty stable, but after a few more, you can feel that you're getting into uncharted territory.

But 100-Stuf is the goal, so we persevered...


And when you clap the cookie atop Double Stuf #50, it's THE HAPPIEST MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE. It stayed upright, too, without any support! ... for a second.


But all good things come to an end.