Wake and Bake: Corn Flake Crumbles

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Breakfast snacks for those who get peckish first thing in the morning.


[Photograph: Carrie Vasios]

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I may not be the biggest cereal fan around these parts, but I still fit the two major criteria which, in my opinion, make you a cereal fanatic:

1. For you, a box of cereal contains about 3 servings. 2. You often eat cereal for lunch or dinner, not because you're too lazy to cook, but because you want to squeeze another bowl into your day.

That second category was easy enough to pull off in college, when I often ate cereal for dinner. Who was going to judge me? The kid who made a tater tot-hot sauce sandwich? I think not.

As a so-called adult, and a so-called adult who lives with another (arguably) adult person, this is more difficult. I cook real dinners. I make fish, lasagna, stews. If I offered up two bowls of Cheerios for dinner I'd be met with the sound of Thai food delivery at the door.

So how to increase my cereal intake without surreptitiously downing a few bowls before bed? Put it in my baked goods, that's how.

There are obvious choices: Rice Krispie treats, or, my personal favorite, the s'more bar recipe on the back of the Golden Grahams box. As of last week there was a new contender: Ranger Cookies. And now there are these—individually sized corn flake and oat crumbles. They are best described as a streusel-crumble-muffin hybrid. My favorite part? They hide a layer of fruit preserves. (I used strawberry, but you can choose your poison).

These babies are rich—sweet, oaty, crumbly, and buttery—and just the thing to eat with a cup of strong coffee.

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