Snapshots from Iceland: Pipp's Chocolate-Covered Black Licorice Bar

SE national managing editor Erin recently traveled through Iceland thanks to the Inspired by Iceland campaign. She came back inspired to tell you all about her eating adventures. —The Mgmt.

The last time I checked, you could count the number of people who genuinely like black licorice on one hand. And after going to Iceland, I've learned that at least a few of them live in Iceland. Stroll the sweets department in any Icelandic grocery store and you'll find it stocked with black licorice in various forms.

Even black licorice haters might be tempted by the Pipp bar with its stripey, retro candy shoppe packaging and its 75%-letter-P-dominated name. Pipp makes plain chocolate bars too, but we had to try the riskier (and Icelandier) flavor: black licorice.

The filling is a sweet, sticky licorice goo that goozles out when bitten. While the chocolate shell tones down the licoricey-ness to some degree, if you really hate the stuff, you should probably stick to Pipp's regular chocolate bar. Even if you enjoy anisey-flavored things, and think you should like black licorice in theory, its unabashed boldness just isn't pleasing for everyone. And that's OK. SE intern Niki, the lone black licorice fan in our office, broke off a square and vociferously mmmm'd it up. Any other black licorice fans out there?