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[Photograph: Carrie Vasios]

Growing up in New York City, I didn't have frequent access to fire pits, fire places, or campfires. That's part of why, for me, making s'mores took on a level of excitement that I imagine other children felt about going to see Phantom of the Opera or Cats. The other part is the simple fact that s'mores comprise three of my favorite things: graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. While it's true that s'mores take on a level of deliciousness that is greater than the sum of their parts, I've never had a problem eating a marshmallow plain, chubby bunny style, or downing a block of Hershey's or two.

Same goes with graham crackers. I've sat next to people who, between songs of Kumbaya, will ask, "Who buys these things plain?" or "So are there like enough people eating s'mores to keep graham crackers in business? Cuz that's a lot of s'mores." I've always shook my head in sad frustration. "Don't Paul McCartney my cookies," I reply. "Graham crackers are awesome, just on their own."

That's not to say I'm above jazzing them up. While these graham crackers aren't "true" graham crackers (they're made with whole wheat and white flour, not graham flour), they still have the important nutty, honeyed sweetness of the original. The addition of chocolate and coffee make them feel as appropriate for tea time as for the campfire. The cookies have an earthy, cocoa-y flavor and a super crisp crunch. (They're not called crackers for nothing.) And yes, they make awesome s'mores.

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