Bake the Book: Cherry-Walnut Scones


[Photograph: Joshua Cogan]

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When in comes to early morning baking projects, we tend to gravitate towards simpler undertakings and save the more involved baking for a little later in the day (after the coffee kicks in.) And that's exactly why we're loving these Cherry-Walnut Scones from Warren Brown's CakeLove in the Morning. They're the kind of breakfast sweet that requires barely any effort at all, perfect for the bleary-eyed baker.

But even though it's really just a matter of measuring out the ingredients, shaping the scones, and baking, the return is big. These are wonderfully crumbly-tender scones riddled with chunks of walnut and sweet-tart dried cherries. They're topped off with crunchy turbinado sugar and just a pinch of salt. Butter, jam, and clotted cream would only make these Cherry-Walnut Scones even tastier, but straight out of the oven they're pretty fantastic on their own.

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