Pie of the Week: Do-Si-Dos Pie


[Photograph: Lauren Weisenthal]

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This week's pie is a tribute to Do-Si-Dos, the Girl Scout cookie made by sandwiching peanut butter cream between two crumbly, oat-y cookies. As a kid, I especially enjoyed their creamy peanut butter filling. And, like most kids, I lacked the restraint to eat a sandwich cookie whole. Instead I opted to twist apart the two cookies to get at the good stuff, then eat the cookies sans the intended flavor of the cream. This last part was always done with much sadness, and I always wished that there could be more peanut butter cream filling.

For this pie, I introduce my inner, sugar-deprived child to the sweet-n'-savory loving adult that I've become. It had been a while since I'd had a Do-Si-Do, and in my memory the cookie contained actual oatmeal, which, I was disappointed to learn, is no longer the case. (While the texture mimics it, there's nary an oat to be seen). To compensate, I added toasted, rolled oats to my food processor bowl along with the cookies that were destined to become the crumb crust. Topping that crust with a super smooth peanut butter mousse made perfect sense, but what of the sandwiching factor and the twist? Simple. Just like old times, each of my remaining cookies twisted apart easily, and the halves worked perfectly for "sandwiching" the peanut butter mousse between the crust and a top layer of cookies.

The result is a peanut butter mousse and oatmeal cookie explosion. In the recipe, there are pinches of salt here and there, but to my personal taste, those pinches are more like 1/2 teaspoons. If you're a fan of the sweet and savory combo, I highly recommend that you follow suit. Adult, meet kid. Kid, meet adult.

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