We Try Every Winter Flavor from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Columbus-based Jeni's Spendid Ice Creams has received plenty of love over the last couple years, so when 20 pints of the stuff arrived at Serious Eats HQ, well, it was like Christmas came for an encore. And it brought smoke machines.

Jeni's is a favorite among ice cream geeks for its creative flavors, clean, ultra-creamy texture, and stellar ingredients. Unlike most ice cream makers, Jeni's eschews egg yolks for a mix of cream cheese, tapioca starch, and tapioca syrup, which lets the other ingredients shine their brightest. The resulting texture is wonderfully rich but never heavy.

We tasted all of Jeni's Winter season ice creams, and while we weren't in love with every flavor (which clock in at $12 a pint), we'll have no trouble making these pints disappear well before spring. Click through the slideshow above for all the ice cream love. (Note: The Super Pop Cakes! collection, including all the cake-incorporating flavors you'll read about, won't be available until March 2.)

If you can't visit one of Jeni's shops in Tennessee or Ohio, use their store locator to find the pint nearest you. You can also place orders on their website.

Or enter to win Jeni's "Valentine's Day Collection" right here ยป