Bake the Book: Raspberry Double Crust Jar Pies


[Photograph: Ellen Silverman]

There are many glorious things to be said about baking jar pies. First off, there's no uncomfortable pie geometry where someone inevitably says "I'll just have a sliver." They also pretty much do away with leftovers since the serving vessel is decidedly personal, small enough so that even the most bashful of dessert eaters won't feel compelled to leave behind that last bite.

There's also the fact that pies might just bake up even better in a glass Mason jar than they do in a pan. Case in point: this Raspberry Double Crust Jar Pie recipe from Handheld Pies. Tucking a buttery crust into a little jar and filling it with raspberries tossed with brown sugar, lemon zest, and just enough flour makes for a mini-pie that browns up beautifully and somehow stays crisp on both the top and bottom crusts.

Topping each little jar pie with a bit of whipped cream or ice cream isn't really needed but when you're serving a dessert that's this pleasingly self contained—really, why not?

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