Let Them Eat: Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake


Chip on my shoulder. [Photograph: María del Mar Sacasa]

I have an odd relationship with chocolate chips. They're darling, with their round bottoms and jaunty peaked tops, but there's something about them that I literally can't swallow. To be fair, it's mostly the milk chocolate variety—I find them revolting. When I eat a chocolate chip cookie, I tend to nibble around the chips, preferring to focus on the brown sugar-based cookie. Chocolate chips in oatmeal cookies? I just can't do it. I'll pass on cupcakes, muffins, and especially pancakes that are pockmarked with them.

Why then, this cake? Well, there are no chocolate chips in it, actually. There is chocolate, which I chop and chip myself (that explains the recipe name), and it is certainly not the milky kind. I do love the warm flavors of a chocolate chip cookie, all brown sugar and butter. This cake, golden and tender, takes those flavors and pierces them with shards of bittersweet chocolate that melt in beautifully. On top, there's a dark, shiny topcoat that is playfully swirled on.

Kid-friendly and definitely an echo of the popular bakery treat, but made just differently enough that I can say I will make it on a regular basis from now on.

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