7 Delicious Doughnuts in the Washington, D.C. Area

[Photographs: Meg Greene, except where noted]

Ask anyone in Washington D.C. about their favorite doughnut in the district (or environs) and they'll likely mention Tabard Inn or (gasp) Krispy Kreme. But there's more to doughnuts than that, right? We took up the challenge to find a few more local shops that do a darn good job frying up dough and drizzling it with glaze or sprinkling it with sugar.

We're pretty particular about doughnuts. For yeast versions, we looked for light and airy insides that weren't too sweet or eggy. If there was chocolate glaze, it should be chocolaty and rich, but not too sweet. Cake doughnuts should be substantial, but they shouldn't be dense enough to make your mouth dry. And good doughnuts shouldn't suffer from the too-thick crust that results from the frying oil cooling off.

Here are seven of our favorite doughnuts in the Washington, D.C. area. Got more that we should explore? Please recommend them in the comments!

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