5 Cookie Making Tips from Kathleen King of Tate's Bake Shop


If you live in New York, you've probably tried one of the extra thin chocolate chip cookies which have been the signature treat of Tate's Bake Shop since it opened eleven years ago in Southhampton. Kathleen King is the cookie queen behind those buttery, addictively crispy cookies. In honor of the oncoming holiday cookie season, we've asked Kathleen to share 5 tips for making always-awesome cookies.

Here are her top five pieces of important cookie advice:

1. Use an ice cream scoop to portion your cookie dough on the baking sheet. This ensures even cookie sizes and baking time.

2. Do not over mix the cookie dough; only add flour until just combined.

3. Use high quality, heavy duty aluminum baking sheets lined with parchment paper or silicone mats.

4. Use an oven thermometer to ensure accuracy.

5. Many people try to cut out—or cut down—on salt. This greatly reduces flavor. Don't make this common mistake!

We also asked Kathleen the age-old question. Chocolate chips or chocolate chunks? "I prefer chocolate chips over chunks," she answered, "because I get a more even distribution of chocolate in the cookies. If you use chunks and try to get a better distribution by adding more, then I feel like there is too much chocolate which destroys the balance of delicious cookie to chocolate."

What kitchen gifts does King recommend for fellow cookie makers? "I love my beater blade for my Kitchen Aid mixer. I'll also give silicone mats for baking cookies and ice cream scoops for panning out cookies, muffins and cupcakes. I use these three items all the time."

Want to try out these tips at home? Here's the recipe for Kathleen King's Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies »