6 Ginger Sweets We Love In San Francisco

[Photographs: Carrie Vasios]

I'm a ginger fiend. I grate it into my carrot soup, use it to glaze my ribs, and habitually steal it off my friends' plates of sushi when they get up to use the bathroom. But since I was a child (when I would conduct a yearly Christmastime massacre of gingerbread men on a frankly horrifying scale) my favorite use for ginger has been in sweets. There is something irresistible about how the spicy, earthy taste of ginger is amped up by a little bit of sugar.

If the recent proliferation of ginger sweets is anything to go by, then a lot of people share my enthusiasm. Here are 6 sweet spots in San Francisco to get your ginger fix, from giant scones to dainty chocolates.

Our Picks:
Ginger Scone at Nibs
Gingerbread Cupcake at Miette
Ginger Snap Sammy at Pinkie's Bakery
Ginger Hearts at Cocoabella
Gingersnap at Black Jet Baking Company
The Professor's Favorite at That Takes The Cake