A Cookie A Day: The Treats Truck's Sugar Dot Cookies

Note: Welcome to our third annual Cookie Month! Every weekday in December we're going to be sharing a cookie recipe with all of you, just in time for the holidays. So let's get those ovens preheated and get baking!


[Photograph: Jason Florio]

Cookie cutters and sprinkles are the arts and crafts supplies of cookie baking. And getting creative with cookies is one of our favorite holiday baking pastimes. These Sugar Dot Cookies are the perfect blank canvas on which to unleash your inner artist.

Adapted from Kim Ima's The Treats Truck Baking Book, the dough for these buttery sugar cookies is mixed and chilled before being rolled and cut into all sorts of festive shapes. The dough is forgiving, easy to roll and re-roll, and keeps the shape of your cookie cutter of choice.

But it's after the cookies have baked and cooled when the fun really starts with a flurry of sprinkles. We love Ima's suggestion of brushing the cookies with powdered meringue mix with a bit of water before decorating your cookies—it works like magical cookie glue.

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To make Cookie Month even sweeter we have five (5) copies of of The Treats Truck Baking Book to give away this week.