Snapshots from Sao Paulo: 10 Great Sweets

Author's Note: Thanks to the Brazil Tourism Board and Semana Mesa, I got the chance to check out the food and drink of Sao Paolo last month. Here are a few of the highlights of my trip.

Toasty coconut, creamy, sweet chocolate, and rapadura—sweets in Sao Paulo, Brazil do an excellent job of tasting familiar and brand-new all at once. And when I found myself in town for five days with eating as my primary mission, it was a given that I would be ordering dessert. A lot of dessert.

Some of the best sweets I tried were from high-end restaurants, while others were little bites served with coffee, or offered in the city's large covered market. All of the sweets made excellent use of the best local ingredients—numerous untranslatable fruits, fresh coconut, chewy tapioca, and rich, dark caramel.

It never quite mattered just how full I found myself at the end of a meal. With these 10 great sweets, I found I couldn't help but take another bite, and another, and another.

Have you ever tried these Brazilian desserts?