New Favorite Candy Bar: Mui-Bon Avellana


[Photo: Carey Jones]

Take Ferrero Rocher, mold it into the slim crunchy form of a Kit Kat, and add the more-or-less hazelnut flavor of Nutella, and you've got Mui-Bon Avellana, my new favorite candy bar.


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Take a peep inside. There's a thin, airy wafer layer for the slightest little crunch, encasing a sweet hazelnutty cream and all covered in chocolate. The effect all together isn't far off Nutella—which is to say, not too huge on either chocolate or nut flavor, but still tasty in its own way. Chopped peanuts round it out. It's deceptively light, easy to think that you're eating a pinky-sized cookie rather than a candy bar. But there's nothing wrong with that.

I love me some Ferrero Rocher; the problem is, they're a bit too pricey to make a real snacking habit out of. And okay, these aren't an exact replica. They're missing the whole hazelnut, for one. But I picked up a ten-pack of Mui-Bon Avellana at a Best Buy in Houston for just $3.09, a cool thirty cents per candy bar. Except for two barbacoa tacos at Gerardo's—more on that later—those three bucks were the best I spent all week.