Boston: 6 Chocolate Chip Cookies We Love

[Photographs: Mari Levine and Liz Bomze]

Since the famous Toll House cookies were born in Whitman, Massachusetts, just about every American bakery has imitated Mrs. Wakefield's classic. We took it upon ourselves to taste our way across the cookies of Boston, seeking out delicious chocolate chip cookies that offer the perfect balance of buttery, brown-sugary cookie and high quality chocolate, and boast that ideal crisp-on-the-edges, soft-in-the-middle texture. A hard job, but someone had to do it.

Behold, 6 of Boston's best. Please enjoy with a glass of cold milk (and, as always, chime in with your favorites).

Our Picks:
Canto 6 Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies
Flour Bakery and Café's Valrhona Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sofra's Chocolate Chip Cookies
Clear Flour Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Hi-Rise Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Cutty's Taza Chocolate Chip Cookies