Bake the Book: Beer Run Cupcakes


[Photograph: Jason Wyche]

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Continuing our journey through the world of manly cupcakes, we present these Beer Run Cupcakes from David Arrick's The Butch Bakery Cookbook.

To up the testosterone in these bad boys, Arrick has incorporated a duo that's more at home at your local bar than in a pastry shop: beer and pretzels. The beer here is your choice of stout, Guinness is good but a darker, more chocolaty stout is even better. Since the stout is baked into the cake base and swirled into the icing, you're looking for a stout full of roasty caramel-and-coffee notes. I tested this recipe out with a bottle of Allagash Black as was thrilled to see just how vividly the flavors of the beer came through.

Once you've got your chocolate stout cakes iced with the vanilla stout icing (and honestly, you could stop here, they're pretty spectacular) it's time to top these beery cupcakes with a shower of crushed chocolate covered pretzels. Whether you choose to go with milk or dark chocolate covered pretzels, it's the crunchy bits of salt that make them a truly ingenious cupcake garnish, giving them that great saltiness that makes pretzels and beer such a great match.

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