Book Giveaway: Pastry Paris, Because Everything in Paris Looks Like Dessert


Pastry Paris is equal parts incredible food picture book and historical narrative. It's a chronicle of French pastries, telling the story of pastries past and present. Author Susan Hochbaum shows that in France, pastries aren't just exclusive to the cute patisseries lining cobbled streets; they're literally everywhere, echoed in the city's very architecture.

Hochbaum displays enticing treats alongside Paris's most famous and romantic sights, underscoring a seriously uncanny resemblance.

Does the Pantheon's ceiling look like a tart? You'd never think it, but it really does.

Pastry Paris is the result of a series of fortunate events. Hochbaum's rent had skyrocketed, her dog had passed away, her son had gone off to college, and most importantly, she found herself in love. It was a ripe time to take a sabbatical from her job as a graphic designer and enjoy a yearlong sojourn in Paris.

She arrived in Paris with no plans, armed with a ravenous appetite. Naturally, she turned to pastries, developing quite the habit, averaging two a day. She became so obsessed, she started documenting each pastry du jour to send home photos to friends. One day, upon eating a Gerard Mulot cone-shaped dessert while simultaneously staring at a conical topiary tree at the Places des Vosges, it all clicked.

From that moment on, she saw pastries everywhere, from the dome at the Invalides to Man Ray's grave at Montparnasse, and even door knobs. She started eating pastries relentlessly for an entire year. This book is for anyone who loves Paris, desserts, and photos of both.

We're giving away five (5) copies of Pastry Paris! To enter, just tell us your favorite pastry. The contest will end on Monday, October 17 at 3 p.m. EST. Standard SE contest rules apply.