11 Sweet Treats from Decadence at L.A. Food & Wine

[Photographs: Katie Robbins]

Decadent is a word that gets thrown around a lot when talking about food—particularly eats of the rich, sweet, chocolaty, creamy variety. But as overused as the term might be, it was a pretty fitting title for Decadence, the dessert-themed after party held Saturday night as part of Los Angles Food & Wine.

The evening, which brought together some 17 pastry chefs from around the country, was curated by Sherry Yard, the executive pastry chef behind Wolfgang Puck's empire. The combination of loads of sugar, generous pours of sparkling and dessert wines, and exhaustion from the preceding two full days of LAFW events, left the mood a little, well, punchy with Carlos Enriquez (recently booted from Top Chef Just Desserts) running from booth to booth offering his fellow chefs neon pink nitrous meringues while the dancing hostess herself bedecked guests with rainbow glow necklaces.

But the real stars were the sweets, which ranged from sarsaparilla chocolate "joints" to Fruity Pebbles funnel cake to L.A.'s favorite budino. Take a look at some of our favorites in the slideshow above.