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Peach Melba is a classic dessert comprised of vanilla ice cream, fresh peaches, and raspberry sauce. It was first prepared in the late 19th century at the Savoy Hotel in London by the chef Auguste Escoffier, and it is named after the Australian singer Dame Nellie Melba. Today, Peach Melba is considered a quintessential summer dessert. To bid the season a fond farewell, I distilled its flavors into this easy, delicious jam.

What I like best about this jam is the balance of flavors. The peaches come through just as strong as the tart, bold raspberries, and the vanilla pays sweet homage to the ice cream in traditional Peach Melba. I used low-sugar pectin to keep things from being too sweet, but if all you have on hand is regular pectin you can use that, too. Just increase the sugar to seven cups.

The finished jam is gorgeous—it looks like sunset in a jar. Of course it's delicious on toast or stirred into yogurt, but this is also a good jam to get creative with. It would be a welcome addition to many desserts. Spoon some over wedges of simple butter cake, stir it into cold rice pudding, or sandwich it between your favorite ginger cookies.

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