Bake the Book: Poppy Seed Squares with Chocolate Tips


[Photograph: Tara Straino]

Stacy Adimando has come up with some very good-looking cookies for her new cookiebook, The Cookiepedia. These Poppy Seed Squares with Chocolate Tips have a lovely graphic quality, that brings to mind a sweeter, more chocolaty Mondrian painting. The color fields here are divided into pale, poppy-seed studded cookies and dark chocolate rectangle tips.

But clean and modern looks aside, these are some very tasty cookies. Instead of making a buttery shortbread, Adimando has subbed out some of the flour for rice flour, a trick that makes for cookies with a melting delicacy makes for the perfect background for lightly nutty and crunchy poppy seeds. For the chocolate dip, go for a bitter, high percentage, grown-up bar here, the cookies benefit from something with deep chocolate character.

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