American Classics: S'mores for the Indoors

American Classics

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Summer technically isn't quite over yet and I'm doing my best to cram in a last hurrah before September 23rd rolls around and I have to make peace with apples and pumpkins, shorter days and longer nights. There are few desserts as closely bonded to summer memories as s'mores and this recipe gives you all the toasty tastiness you remember from camp—without the fire pit.

For me s'mores are all about the marshmallow. When I'm patient I'll hold my marshmallow at just the right angle rotating it slowly in near-but-not-quite-direct heat until it turns an even golden brown. When I'm not so patient (which, let's be honest, is most of the time) I'll duck the marshmallow into fire until it ignites and then quickly blow it out. Instant gratification.

In college I was a microwave s'mores master, but as quick and easy as it was to zap some s'mores they lacked the charred goodness from a real roasted marshmallow lightly singed by flames. There had to be a better way. With homemade marshmallows, plenty of dark chocolate, and a buttery crushed graham cracker crust, s'mores bars take longer than the microwave, but less time than building a fire (and planning a camping trip) for a winning summer-inspired dessert you can enjoy all year long.

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