Los Angeles: 9 Sandwich Cookies We Love

[Photographs: Katie Robbins, unless otherwise noted]

While scouring Los Angeles for ice cream sandwiches earlier this summer, we couldn't help but notice that the city's cookie jars were also brimming with the related, less cool, but equally delicious treat—the sandwich cookie. In finding the best, it quickly came clear that the primary criterion for judging was balance. The key to these confections, whether filled with tart, fruity jam, thin layers of buttercream, or utterly insensible mounds of cream cheese frosting, is the cookie-to-filling ratio.

Given the preponderance of macarons on display in the city's bakeries, we decided that those French sandwich cookies deserved their own dedicated list later on; whoopie pies, more cake than cookie, were also left off. And while Los Angeles may not have enough of these sweet architectural delights to warrant a sandwich-cookie-a-day feature, we were pretty pleased with what we found. Check out the slideshow for our favorites!

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