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After trying thirty-three kinds of peanut butter over the course of a month, you form an opinion or two. Above all I confirmed that I much prefer crunchy peanut butter over smooth. Most of it is textural: those bits of nuts provide a satisfying crunch and a stomach-warming chew. Though I'll admit that part of it is the comfort of knowing that the company that produced my peanut butter at least owns real peanuts. (You'd be shocked at the lack of peanut taste in some peanut butters. Reese's, I'm talking to you.)

Having confirmed my crunchy love, making peanut butter cookies with creamy peanut butter no longer seemed satisfactory. To my disappointment, the peanut butter cookies I made with crunchy peanut butter were also just not crunchy enough. The solution? Roll those babies in crushed peanuts.

These cookies have a sweet, chewy peanut butter interior. I put semisweet chocolate chips in the dough to provide a bit of bitterness and a needed relief from peanut-overload. Rolling the cookies in salted chopped peanuts makes them not only super crunchy but also wonderfully salty-sweet. So I don't want to, you know, toot my own horn or anything, but if we had a peanut butter cookie tasting I'm pretty sure these would be number one.

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