Bake the Book: Chinese Ginger-Lime Candy


[Photograph: Caroline Russock]

If you're the sort of baker who relishes hands-on time spent kneading dough to that magically smooth and elastic consistency, you might want to try your hand at candy making. Up until last week I was a stranger to the world of candy until I attempted these Peppermint Humbugs. I found something very rewarding about the twisting, pulling, and twisting again that goes into making pulled candy. Figuring that one good turn deserves another (or shall I say one good pull?) I decided to try out these Chinese Ginger-Lime Candies from Gesine Bullock-Prado's Sugar Baby.

Chinese milk candy is a mild, chewy treat similar to taffy. Its subtle sweetness makes the candy base perfect for all sorts of flavor combinations. In this case Bullock-Prado decided to go with lime and ginger, a duo that not only flavors the candy but adds a bit of texture as well. Mixing spicy grated ginger into the sticky, caramelly candies gave them a great little bite and the lime oil lent an elegant floral note.

To ensure that your candy can be pulled into tight little ropes, make sure that you have plenty of nonstick cooking spray to keep your hands slick. And since it is such a hands-on process (okay, well, just plain messy), having little wrappers precut out of wax or parchment paper is a big timesaver.

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