Sweet Finds: John & Kira's Chocolate

Sweet Finds

Spotlight on a sweet treat.


[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

If there was one chocolate set out there that has likely received universal ahhs and oohs from everyone who's seen it, it would likely by the Chocolate Ladybugs and Caramel Bees from Philly-based John & Kira's Chocolate. Well-crafted with style in boxes that you'll keep long after the chocolate is gone, the Ladybugs come by the set of nine, three pieces each of the mint, raspberry and honey-lavender. They're individually hand painted, two-bite creations, a delicate dark chocolate shell with a smooth Valrhona chocolate ganache. Mint is my favorite of the three, fresh and pure without either the mint or chocolate overwhelming the other. Honey-lavender is the sweetest, and most fragrant of the set while the raspberry is modest classic done well.

Caramel doesn't come cuter than John & Kira's Caramel Bees. Here you get nine pieces of adorable hand-painted (with cocoa butter!) bees that slowly ooze out salted caramel with the first bite. This isn't your normal chewy caramel candy, but liquid caramel made with honey. It's salted just enough and surely effortless pleasure. Both the Chocolate Ladybug Medley and Caramel Bees are $29 per set.

John & Kira's Chocolate