Bake the Book: 'Whoopie Pies'

whoopie pie is awash in regional controversy. The origins of this sweet treat can be traced to both New England and to the Pennsylvania Dutch, both of whom claim that they were the first to spread buttercream in between two miniature chocolate cakes. We're not about to get in the middle of this sticky debate, but we're more than happy to share our latest Bake the Book candidate with you, Whoopie Pies.

Most of our whoopie pie experience has been limited to the chocolate, pumpkin, or perhaps red velvet variety, but authors Sarah Billingsley and Amy Treadwell have taken it upon themselves to expand the whoopie pie's horizons. They've created a cookbook full of mix-and-match recipes with enough filling and cake-cookie combos for hundreds of inspired whoopies. Billingsley and Treadwell have come up with something for everyone from the whoopie classicist (think Classic Chocolate with Marshmallow) to the whoopie innovator (hello, Pistachio-Cardamom filled with Rosewater Buttercream) and even vegan and gluten-free versions of the beloved snack cake.

Win 'Whoopie Pies'

Thanks to the generous folks over at Chronicle Books, we are giving away five (5) copies of Whoopie Pies over the next two weeks.

All you have to do is tell us about the best whoopie pie you've ever tried in the comments section below.

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