Japanese Snacks: Chocolate

[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Like monster movies, martial arts, and cartoon pornography, the Japanese are the only ones in the world who have managed to refine and re-imagine snack foods in a way that can only be described as art. Whether they're wacky, cute, insane, or just plain delicious, we've got a major thing for Japanese snacks at SEHQ.


All About Chocolate

Everything you want to know about chocolate

The Japanese are known for cute cartoon-based packaging on decidedly adult products (Hello Kitty wine, anyone?), but they're equally good at redesigning kids' foods to give them a more adult spin.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with their chocolate, which unlike typical American or UK chocolates, come in classy, adult-oriented packaging (not to mention often having unintentionally funny names). Even their versions of American chocolate bars, like the Kit Kat, come in dark, minimalist tones.

Click through the slideshow to check out some Japanese chocolates.

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