The Royal Wedding: Chocolate McVities Biscuit Cake


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]


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You gotta hand it to Prince William. It's his big day and he's not letting royal blood or any uppity aristocratic protocol stop him from having the wedding cake he craves. Even if that cake is not so much a cake as a pile of mashed-up McVitie's biscuits set in a rich chocolate shell. (Somewhere the great pastry chefs of Britain are crying.)

The closest cake this comes to is an icebox cake, the similarities being the layers of cookies, and that it's never baked.

But instead of pudding, the base here is a mixture of Golden Syrup, butter, and a heart-stopping amount of chocolate. The Daily Mail reports that the royal cake will use 1,700 biscuits and nearly 40 pounds of chocolate.


So while this is more like a cake-shaped candy bar, it's a tasty cake-shaped candy bar. The chocolate is creamy and the biscuits are crunchy and slightly salty, giving it a winning combination of flavors and textures. This cake is intensely rich and chocolaty, so plan on serving upwards of twelve people with this recipe. The most important thing is to use the best chocolate possible. In honor of Britain, I used a blend of Green and Black's chocolates, erring on the dark side with both 75% and 85% bars. If you can't find McVities, any plain tea biscuit would work.

I like the precedent William is setting. Maybe at my wedding I'll serve blueberry pies?

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