Peeps Week: Yoga to the Peeps Diorama


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

It turns out that Peeps, like many humans, have a vibrant yoga community. They are impressively flexible, a perk of having no skeletal system. When you're made of marshmallow squish, you can bend in all sorts of directions. Standing on your head is a cinch when you only weigh a third of an ounce! Also, it helps that Peeps are powered by sugar—all that energy minus the hypoglycemic lows.


SE'r Amy Kantrowitz, who's a regular at the Strala Yoga studio in Manhattan, was the brains behind this diorama entitled, Yoga to the Peeps.

While researching the everyday lives of ordinary Peeps, I was surprised to learn about their yoga community. Primarily headquartered at a new downtown studio, "Yoga to the Peeps," the NYC peeps yoga scene has a diverse and colorful cast of characters recognizable to anyone with even minimal yoga experience.


As different as our bodies are from that of Peeps, you'll notice many similarities between the two worlds. There's always that one student sneaking in late (we see you, purple bunny!) .. that hyper-flexible show-off who's practicing contortions before class starts (ugh, the yellow one) .. and the born-that-way pretzel (in this case an actual pretzel).

The mats and blankets are made of Fruit by the Foot, though any fruit leather product would do. The flavor variety pack is recommended so you can also string up Tibetan prayer flags. The blocks (see them back there by the extra blankets?) are made of Pez, and of course the teacher lit a candle to set the mood.

Note: While tempting, we did not turn this into a Bikram yoga class (read: pop the box into the microwave for a sweatier experience).