Peeps Week: Peeps of Catan Board Game

Each day this week we bring you a daily dose of Peepsification as part of Peeps Week 2011.


Everyone has a friend who's introduced them to Settlers of Catan by now, right? The German board game has been called "the board game of our time*," by the Washington Post. It can take a while to get through a whole game (like Scrabble levels of long) but has a dedicated cult following that's sacrificed many Saturday evening plans to establish cities with ore cards. The goal is to build real estate with natural resources, and blahdy blah blah—what if we made a version with Peeps?

Of course we went there.

* If you're over Settlers and think its time has passed, Carcassonne and Pandemic are apparently the new Settlers.


How to Set up a Peeps of Catan Board

  • Wood = Green chicks
  • Wheat =Yellow chicks
  • Brick = Pink chicks
  • Ore = Purple chicks
  • Sheep = Upside down, decapitated green chicks (so they are white marshmallow side-up and resemble fluffy sheep)
  • Desert = Orange chicks
  • Water = Sugar dyed with blue food coloring
  • Players = Yellow bunnies (they clearly cannot be chicks—c'mon that's messed up)

Note: The Peeps' heads might not be the most stable platform for setting up cities and settlements and building the longest roads. Also, the bunnies sometimes have trouble wielding around giant cards, so they could use your help if you wouldn't mind holding them.

And what to eat while you're playing Peeps of Catan? Hexagonal-shaped foods, of course.

Special snaps to Brownie of Blondie & Brownie for being the brains behind this!